Ola! Portugal is one of the hottest vacation destinations in the world right now and should be on your radar. Why is vacationing in Portugal so popular? Warm temperatures, port wine, beautiful beaches, and of course, the divine cuisine. That all sounds wonderful, but what about kids? Is Portugal a kid-friendly vacation spot? Absolutely! As parents, we know the most important part of travelling to a different country is the food. Will our kids eat it? We took our kids last year and let us tell you, they loved it. Here are five examples of Portuguese food for kids that will have them asking for seconds!

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Portuguese Food for Kids: 5 Dishes They Will Love

Nothing is more important than ensuring your kids eat a healthy and proper meal. This impacts everything from their mood to

1. Caldo Verde Soup

We start this article with a must-have appetizer and our own kids’ personal favourite from our trip. Caldo verde soup can be found at most Portuguese family restaurants and even if they don’t, it’s not difficult to request it! Caldo verde soup is a tasty, hearty soup that is healthy and filling for both kids and adults. In one bowl you get all of your veggies and usually some delicious Chorizo sausage or chourico linguica.

The best part about this soup is that your kids get a full serving of veggies as well. Caldo Verde literally translates to green soup in Portuguese. It is chock full of potatoes and Portuguese cabbage, which is similar to collard greens or mustard greens. Caldo Verde was a must-have for our kids at nearly every restaurant we went to!

2. Limpets

This one is for the seafood lovers out there. Limpets are a type of gastropod that is native to the Atlantic shores of Europe, particularly in Spain and Portugal. These delicacies are delicious when freshly grilled and do not have a strong seafood taste. Our kids are typically shrimp lovers but they had no issues at all with downing a couple of limpets. Portugal is known worldwide for their fresh seafood and limpets are a specialty that you need to try there.

3. Mousse de Maracuja (Passion Fruit Mousse)

As delicious as the ice cream is in Portugal, the passion fruit mousse won our hearts as our favourite dessert. It is such a simple dish but it is the perfect way to finish off a wonderful Portuguese meal. Mousse de Maracuja is also allergen-friendly as it only contains fresh passion fruit, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream. No nuts are involved, although be careful if there is a dairy allergy! On a hot summer evening, the Mousse de Maracuja is refreshing and a lovely way to cap off another day in Portuguese paradise!

4. Compal Juice

Every parent knows the secret to kids enjoying a good meal is to have a good juice with it. Not every day of course, but we’re on vacation so we can let it slide! In Portugal, it’s hard to beat the Compal, one of the largest juice brands in the country. Why is Compal juice so good? It’s made from real fruit and the flavours are unique. Our kids especially loved the nectars which are thicker than the juices. Their favourite flavours? We highly recommend the Algarve Orange, the Rocha Pear, and the Multi Fruit Nectar.

5. Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese Egg Tarts)

No list of Portuguese food is ever complete without mentioning the world-famous pasteis de nata, more commonly known as Portuguese egg tarts. These heavenly little tarts are delicious at any time of day, but especially in the morning! Parents, you’ll love having a couple of pasteis with a nice espresso to start your day. Our kids absolutely loved them and they truly are something you need to try while you are in Portugal. What is our choice for the best pasteis in Portugal? The famous Pasteis de Belem is a Portuguese institution and has been serving its pasteis since 1837.

Portuguese Foods For Kids: Is Portuguese Food Spicy?

No! This is a common misconception with Portuguese food: many people have asked us if it is spicy. Portuguese food is very flavourful and comes with a wide variety of different spices and herbs. But overall, Portuguese food is not spicy. Now, that does not mean there aren’t any spicy dishes. Frango Asado or peri peri chicken is one that comes to mind.

This is another reason why Portuguese food is great for kids! Our kids can handle a bit of spice, but they are by no means heat seekers! Thankfully, Portuguese cuisine is great for any palate, so we’re positive your kids will enjoy a wide range of dishes while you are there!

What if Your Kids Do Not Like Seafood?

We get it! Not every kid likes seafood, especially shellfish at this age. No problem! There are plenty of non-seafood dishes that they can enjoy. Nearly every restaurant you go to will have plenty of options for beef, chicken, pork, and vegetarians.

If your kids are adventurous but just do not like seafood, we recommend the Portuguese Dobrada stew. This dish is basically pork tripe mixed with beans in a delicious tomato-based stew. Dobrada often comes with some nice bread as well or you can also eat it over rice.

Portuguese Food for Kids: Your Kids Will Love it!

Trust us, food is the last thing you need to worry about while vacationing in Portugal. Enjoy the warm weather and the beautiful beaches. Start your day off with pasteis and a coffee and end it off with one of the many incredible dishes that Portugal offers. Thanks for coming by and reading our article today! Or as they say in Portugal, Obrigado!

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